Soccer Academy

A big soccer camp organization in the East Coast. Offers day clinics, winter clinics, residential soccer camps, adult soccer camps, and Elite soccer camps. Overnight camps are held at various colleges. Players range from 6-16 in day and residential camps, and 12-18 in Elite camps. Elite camps are recommended only for experienced players with dediction. The camps offer activities from full sided games to capture the flag. The coaches are European and most of them have played for college or professional in their countries. Emphasizes a lot on individual skills by repetion and small sided games such as 5 v 5. Plays a full sided game about twice a day. Excellent for young and middle aged players.


A camp which is held all over the USA and in Brazil. Almost all the coaches are from South America. Emphasizes on Brazilian tactics. Less emphasis on repetition practice, but on tactics and full sided games. Includes video analysis of professional games. Plays beach soccer at some locations. Facilities are top quality with many full sided fields and an indoor or turf field for futsal(Brazilian indoor soccer). Plays about 5 full sided games a day. If you have enough skills, you are recommended to go to Brazil for 24 days in the summer. Most players who attend BRUSA camps are very skillful and dedicated compared to players from other camps. An excellent camp for older kids. Also offers camps in the winter. If you have exceptional skills, you can go to Brazil and train with youth professional clubs from 1-12 months.

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